2006 Early Television Convention
Wayne Bretl


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Selected pages from RCA Developmental Color Television Receiver

Note: These photos are at 300 dpi resolution for legibility and are large!

RCA_Dev P4280440a RCA_Dev P4280441 RCA_Dev P4280442a RCA_Dev P4280443 RCA_Dev P4280444
RCA_Dev P4280445a RCA_Dev P4280446 RCA_Dev P4280447 RCA_Dev P4280448 RCA_Dev P4280449a
RCA_Dev P4280450 RCA_Dev P4280451 RCA_Dev P4280452a RCA_Dev P4280453 RCA_Dev P4280454
RCA_Dev P4280455a RCA_Dev P4280456 RCA_Dev P4280457 RCA_Dev P4280458 RCA_Dev P4280459