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The New Jersey Antique Radio Club meets the second Friday of each month in Freehold, NJ, at the Grace Lutheran Church, located one block East of Route 9 on Main Street (Rt 537) -at the corner of- Park Avenue (Old Rt 33). There is a small Radio Swap Meet before and after the meetings which start promptly at 7:30 p.m. Every month there is a radio collecting presentation by one of our members. Everyone is welcome to attend and join.

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Meeting Notice for January:

The next meeting of the NJ Antique Radio Club will be on the second Friday of January.


Services information

There will be calling hours at the funeral home in E. Bloomfield this Wednesday November 12, and a memorial service Thursday, November 13. If anyone wishes to pay their respects in person, email me and I'll send more details.


Bruce Kelley, co-founder and Curator of the Antique Wireless Association' Museum, passed away Thursday, 6 Nov. 1997, at his home in Bloomfield, NY. He was 82.

Bruce was first licensed as W8ACY in 1929. An avid DX-er from the start, by 1933 he had logged 75 countries, using a 5 watt, one tube transmitter. When he relocated in 1935, his call changed to W2ICE, which he retained to the present.

In 1948, the late George Batterson, W2GB, asked Bruce if he would store some old ham gear in his barn, including George's 1922 spark transmitter. Since Bruce already had a fair sized tube collection, the 2 men decided to exhibit their artifacts, and opened the barn to visiting hams. This was the beginning of AWA. Others donated their "old junk", and the exhibit expanded.

As AWA's curator Bruce Kelley applied his seemingly boundless energy to the task, and was active in the museum until ill health forced him to retire less than 2 months ago. His charisma inspired others to help, but he was always in the thick of it, working at what he loved best.

Today, AWA has 4100 members, and the museum has one of the largest and most interesting collections of radio, telegraph and television artifacts in the country. Bruce didn't do it alone, but it would not be half what it is without his inspiration and dedication.

Anyone who knew bruce would tell you he was quite a character. A good curator must be completely honest, and he was. He was also a natural leader, a great salesman, a con artist (but tongue in cheek; he warned you beforehand), and everyone's friend. Through my association with him I met dozens of the "grand old men" of radio.

When I moved to Bloomfield in 1989, Bruce got on my case to learn the code. In Jan. 1990, he administered my Novice exam, by Feb. I had passed my Advanced test and was on the air. I'd have never made it without his coaxing and good natured ribbing.

Farewell Bruce, we will miss you.

John Ward, KE2ST

PS- Ed Gable, K2MP, an AWA member for 20 years and a knowledgeable historian, succeeds Bruce as curator. Ed, we wish you all the best.

Click here to see the new addition to the K2TQN collection:
It's a homebrew transmitter from the late 1920s to early 1930s.
5 photos and text - 180k total.            New 9-29-97

Updated October 6, 1997

'97 Auction Results by Ludwell Sibley
with some Photos
new 9/17/97

~ Exclusive Report! ~
Click on the AWA
A report on the meet,
Complete with Photos!

NJARC member Al Klase checks out the radios for sale at our September swap meet.

Announcements Section:

AWA and NJARC Member John Dilks presents a program on "Amateur Radio History" to
the South Jersey Radio Association at their meeting in Pennsauken, NJ. The presentation
was well accepted by more than fifty members of the 80 year-old club.
                                                        Click here for an additional Photo.

 Visit an old time ham radio station, as it would have looked in 1960. Click here.
  More information on this to follow.

New Book: Tube: The Invention of Television  click here

    This is the best historical book to come out in a long time. Hence, I am publishing their News Release for your information.

    Tube: The Invention of Television is technicial and historical in nature, conversationally written and easy to understand. Almost every page is noted and the bibliography they used is truly impressive. This book is a must for every collector and historian of radio and television and anyone else interested in the industry. -ED.

Big Dream, Small Screen
Click here for Review by Ludwell Sibley (new 2-9-97)

A new PBS documentary about the Invention of Television will be airing on the PBS show: American Experience - Watch for Reruns, it's worth it!
    Visit our new Old Televsion page. You'll find some interesting links.
Click here.

Check out the New Book on Tubes!
"Tube Lore" by NJARC member Ludwell Sibley
    • Everything you wanted to know about tubes
    • Things you can't find in a tube manual.

New Monthly Column

"The Telegraph Office" by Neal McEwen
Telegraph Key Collecting, What's It All About?
Vol 1, Issue 1.
Nov. 25, 1996
Various Types of Telegraph Instruments, Part I
Vol 1, Issue 2.
Dec. 2, 1996
Various Types of Telegraph Instruments, Part II
Vol 1, Issue 3.

Dec. 9, 1996

An Unusual Artifact from the
Vol 1, Issue 4.
Jan. 1, 1997
Issue 5 coming soon!

Area Swap Meets and Auctions
Activity and Location
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more info

Sept 27, 1997

Sellers 7 a.m.
Buyers 8 a.m.

NJARC Swap & Flea Market
Freehold, NJ
At the Freehold Armory on Old Route 33
Just down the street from our meeting location.
NJ Antique Radio Club

Here - Now:  Read an article on Radio History written in 1922
by John V. L. Hogan - You can read the complete article, click here.
With Photos and Hyper-Links for more information.  New Jan 5, 1997

Club Articles and Events

May 24, 1997

  B-17 Aircraft Radios demonstrated at the April 1997 meeting by Al Klase, N3FRQ

May 24, 1997

  What is a Chopper and how was it used ? Read about a new addition to John Dilks' collection of early Ham Radio transmitters. (Photos added June 3.)

Results of
April 26, 1997
Downingtown Estate Auction Results

Composed of Battery Sets, Cathederal, Tombstones, Crystal, Console, Table-top, AK-Breadboard radios, Amateur Radio Receivers and Transmitters, Microphones, Headsets, Tubes, Service Data, Old Advertising, Ephemera and more....

See the Auction Results and Photos here   5-24-97

Feb. 28

   Auction Results from the Havertown Auction on Feb. 15, 1997

Nov. 22,
How to Remagnetize old Headphones - from our November 1996 meeting.
by Tom Provost and Gary D'Amico
Oct. 31,
Philadelphia: Atwater Kent Time Capsule Opened Oct. 25th, 1996
by John Dilks, K2TQN
Oct. 31,
Fall Swap Meet andWith Auction Results
- Saturday October 5, 1996 -
The Swap Meet is now history. All had a good time. Check the Auction Results.
Oct. 22,
Alexanderson Alternator - test transmission in connection with a ceremony declaring the Grimeton Radiostation a Historic Memorial Site on October 23, 1996.
Oct. 15,
Our October '96 Meeting Program on Horn Speakers with Photos
Sep. 16,
AWA - Rochester, The Flea-Market Report - Click here for John Dilks' Report
Now with Fleamarket Photo!
Sep. 23,
Exclusive! - AWA Auction Report by Ludwell Sibley
Click here for the ReportNow with Auction Photo!
Sep. 23,
Elgin - Our President Went There. - Click here to read about his adventure.
Sep. 24,
The NJARC August Exhibit, by Phil Vourtsis, at the Monmouth Library with Photos

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