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In the Rearview Mirror
Photos of our club members at earlier points in their radio related activities.

Public embarrassment time for:
  1. Phil Vourtsis
  2. Rob Flory WN2HXG
  3. Rich Skoba KC2LAE
  4. Bob Bennett KC2RDU
  5. Bill Overbeck
  6. Dave Sica
Phil  Vourtsis
Phil Vourtsis
Phil Vourtsis in front of one of his creations at Bell Labs, circa 1975
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Rob Flory
Rob Flory
WN2HXG ca. 1976 with Globe HG-303 and Lafayette HA-600.
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Rich Skoba
Rich Skoba
High school radio club.  "I am standing in the background on the right in my best Robert Hall suit. I have my hand on the Heathkit Apache transmitter trying to keep all 100+ pounds of it from moving. Funny thing there is only one licensed amateur in the photo and he isn't holding the microphone."
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Bob Bennett
Bob Bennett in 1975
High school electronics class, 1975.
Bob is the third guy from the right standing, with the bad "Donald Trump" combover.
Check out the vintage "Lab Volt" stuff on the bench!
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Bill Overbeck
Bill Overbeck
Looking way back to... well, all the way back to the last Kutztown meet.
Bill models his "foxsat".
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Dave Sica

A radio club meeting in 1970!
(Hey, I don't look too bad compared to all those other geeky guys!)

Another yearbook photo.
Can anyone figure out what that is I'm peering at so intently?
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